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Social media is made up of an ecosystem of interacting human contents – each competing relentlessly to gain attention. However, in order to help our clients stand out, we have created a social media division called “The Socialists”. The primary purpose of this platform is to track trends, monitor and identify the diverse content strategy that converts and gives you feedback to assist you in accelerating your online content. Furthermore, we create unique content for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,  LinkedIn, Snapchat,  Periscope, and other emerging micro-channels. So be assured that we’ve got you covered.

Our Social Media Services include:

Creation of content strategies

This involves the construction of communications themes and applying strategic formats, components, structure, and cadence that will get you noticed on social media.

Survey social-media audits of your competitor

We don’t just help you create contents, we also help you spy on your competitor to see where they are advertising, how they are advertising and what they are advertising. So as to give you the opportunity to improve step up your game.

Video production

From a high resolution to a short and vertical Snapchat video format, our production team have got you covered. We offer all kind of social media video production.

Creative content production

What are your organizational content needs? Our content production studio will handle all your needs. We offer everything from Facebook posts to Instagram images, in such a manner that will match the standards of your brand and portray your intended tone in the right fashion for each social network.

Content seeding

If it won’t get you noticed, then it’s not worth it. We don’t just offer you contents, we get you noticed.

Paid advertising

Are you tired of paid adverts that don’t convert? Leave your advert placement with us while we help you make sales.

Enhanced Social media analytics

From scratch to finish with every campaign, we make use of advanced digital tools to monitor the trend of your advertisement on each social network to determine which strategy works best.


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