Nowadays, companies have several ways to communicate online with their external audiences through platforms such as social media, websites, blogs, etc. But the use of email for marketing purposes still remain relevant in the business industry due to its cost, measurability and trustful way of communicating, that’s the reason it’s so important to do it right.

Email intelligence is an automatic process based on constant learning that combines essential marketing keys with artificial intelligence in order to optimize any marketing campaign and increase the revenues of a company. The purpose: giving the product to the person who’s really going to buy it.

There are three essentials marketing keys within the email intelligence strategy that you must know about:


Formerly, marketers used to develop their email strategy testing a lot of combinations of copies, bodies, images and subject lines in order to see which of them would perform better and will lead the company to gain more revenues. This process consumes plenty of time and effort and it’s probably not going to receive the expected reception of the recipients.

That’s where email intelligence takes place, generating the right combinations that will get straight to the audience interests but reducing a lot of the time that you may be spending working on testing.

Time & Frequency

The best time of the day to send the emails to your customers can’t be take it for granted, usually, marketers rely on assumptions about this matter and perhaps this could be affecting the progress of your email marketing campaign.

As your subscribers have a very specific behavior while checking your emails, email intelligence could automate the ideal day and time for each of them based on their engagement history, analyzing the data and translating into real time information.


It’s usual that a business lose a lot of revenue opportunities due to wrong promotion offers, this is happening because it’s very difficult to accurately predict the proper offer using only human thinking.

Email intelligence is a tool that can determine the offers that will perform best to each customer based on their purchase history data, these offers could be anything from free shipping to a certain dollar discount or a percent off, etc.

In Yield we understand how hard can be creating and determine the right content and promotions for your customers in email campaigns, along with finding the perfect time and frequency to generate more engagement with them.

That’s why we developed a systematic tool focused on collect and learn from your consumer purchase data and determine the most effective content, time and offers that will suits best for each individual subscriber of your company, maximizing your performance in the industry.

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