Media Associates Enhanced Data Enrichment for Businesses

The more you know about your customers, the better you will understand their demands and communicate with them effectively. Data enrichment is an automated process that allows your organization whether small or large to continuously expand using detailed information collected either in real time or over time. In other to protect your company against diverse risk presented by incomplete, inaccurate, or outdated data, our advanced linking technology and vast access to billions of data records sourced from reputable multiple datasets allows us to achieve accurate data returns that will help enrich you customers record.

From initial outreach to competitive strategy, here are some ways Media associates Data enrichment model can help your business deliver the insights needed to connect better with your customers.

Evaluating potential customers and suppliers

Dealing with a new supplier without conducting a proper research can easily expose a company to critical risks. Performing a comprehensive appraisal of a business or supplier involves gathering and analyzing the most current data. Our data enrichment model can help you increase your knowledge of a potential customer or supplier by pairing existing data with public financial records, ratings, business credit score, and history of both parent and subsidiary firms. Thus, allowing you to evaluate new business partners and take a decisive decision based on a single database.

Maintaining Proper Accurate Lead Lists

Despite the enormous availability of data, a lot of enterprises today are still making decisions based on completely outdated lead lists. With our data enrichment program, our solutions are integrated with your customer relationship management (CRM) systems so as to effectively improve your existing data with the latest insights. By employing data enrichment to your already established CRM systems, you can easily fill in missing details from your existing records and quickly identify those most likely to convert.

Efficient Monitoring of Competitors Strategy

Enhanced data enrichment programs can also be used as a tool to keep an eye on your competitors. With our advanced data enrichment model, you can easily identify your competitor’s strategy and devise efficient counter measurements that will put you at the forefront of your industry. Also, the depth of insights provided through our data enrichment program can help your business uncover opportunities that might not be readily apparent.

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